EuMW 2022 in Milan – Artistry in Microwaves

EuMW 2022 was the 25th anniversary of European Microwave Week that took place in Milan 25-30 September at Milano Convention Center (MiCo). The theme was “Creative Microwaves” – as colleagues and fellow professionals were inspired by Milan, as it happened to Leonardo da Vinci during the years that he worked in this vibrant European city creating some of his masterpieces. Read this review of the event.

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MWC19 – Barcelona Welcomes in the Era of 5G

The biggest hit at MWC19 was flexible display technology that was shown off in 2 foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and in a wearable smartwatch phone from ZTE, the nubia Alpha. While 5G was everywhere (I don’t think I saw one booth that did not mention 5G), it is just emerging into the market but will certainly take off later this year. Nokia voiced this timing in their press conference saying that they expect the first half o 2019 to be somewhat slow with 5G taking off more quickly in the second half of this year. Read this thorough summary of the event.

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