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Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth Power Amplifiers

High Efficiency, DPD Enabled Power Amplifier: SKY663xx-11

Skyworks Solutions' power amplifiers are designed for the stringent requirements of enterprise small cell radios and offer wide instantaneous bandwidth, with high gain and are fully input/output matched.

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RF Power Divider/Combiner: 802-2-4.250

MECA Electronics broadband power divider/combiners 802-2-4.250, 804-2-4.250 and 808-2-4.250

The 802-2-4.250 RF power divider/combiner offers two-way, in-phase performance from 0.5 to 8 GHz and capable of handling up to 30 W of average power with an operating temperature of -55 to +85°C.

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