Noise XT introduces SLC ultra-low jitter/dual clock synthesizer

Test & Measurement

Noise eXtended Technologies (Noise XT) has introduced the 2 MHz to 7 GHz SLC ultra-low jitter/dual clock synthesizer. The SLC is an affordable single or dual clock USB synthesizer with outstanding jitter in a small package. With a noise floor of -170 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz, the SLC has the lowest phase noise of any synthesizer in a compact, low cost package. The SLC measures just 85 x 110 x 200 mm.

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Noise XT Offers Free Software Upgrade

Noise XT (formerly Aeroflex-Europtest) is exhibiting at the European Microwave Conference as part of European Microwave Week at CNIT in Paris. This is the first public exhibition by Noise XT in Europe since the buy-out by employees of Aeroflex-Europtest. Noise XT will be offering a free software upgrade for...
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Noise XT Exhibits High-performance Phase Noise Products

Noise Extended Technologies S.A.S. (Noise XT) is making its own US debut at the International Microwave Symposium this week. This is the first public exhibition by Noise XT since the buy-out by employees of Aeroflex-Europtest, Elancourt, France. Noise XT is exhibiting its well-known phase noise product line. Noise XT...
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