Noise Extended Technologies S.A.S. (Noise XT) is making its own US debut at the International Microwave Symposium this week. This is the first public exhibition by Noise XT since the buy-out by employees of Aeroflex-Europtest, Elancourt, France.

Noise XT is exhibiting its well-known phase noise product line. Noise XT products are used throughout the world for high-performance phase noise and jitter-sensitive applications such as ultra-low noise crystal, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and optical-electrical-optical (OEO) microwave oscillators; RF and microwave amplifiers; pulsed microwave for radar; continuous wave RF; and other demanding noise applications.

“Aeroflex-Europtest has always been motivated by our customers’ challenges,” said Guillaume de Giovanni, President, Noise XT. “As a single-focus company, Noise XT is ready to partner with customers again to offer the highest-performance noise solutions on the planet. Our passion for solving the most difficult problems is as strong as ever.”

At the 2010 International Microwave Symposium, Noise XT is featuring its unique Dual Channel Phase Noise Test System (DCNTS). The DCNTS is a two-channel phase and amplitude noise analyzer designed with a dual demodulator architecture that allows the test system to use cross-correlation to cancel its internal noise. The resulting tests are similar to comparing the output of two separate systems, while displaying only the similarities and rejecting the differences. The residual noise measurement front-end includes all the necessary hardware to automatically measure noise on 2-port devices, either in RF or microwave frequencies. Pulse compatible, the DCNTS is ideal for the most demanding aerospace and defense applications. Product availability is 10 weeks upon receipt of order. Pricing is available on request.