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XMA Corp. introduces 1.85 mm attenuators, adapters and terminations

XMA Corp., the industry leader in Microwave and RF component technology, announced the release of their new product family of 1.85mm attenuators, adapters, and terminations, expanding performance into the 65GHz, millimeter wave market.  Technical advancements within the smart phone industry, as well as aerospace, medical and Defense, are driving manufacturers and carriers of wireless devices to push for performance into the higher frequency bands.  

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XMA Announces 100 W Attenuator

XMA Corp. is pleased to announce one of the most recent additions to its rapidly growing product line. This 100 W attenuator is a great improvement in cost-effective, coaxial fixed attenuators. This product offers the trusted durability of XMA products, featuring stainless steel with silver plating housing and coupling...
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XMA Displays 50 W Coaxial Attenuator Family

XMA Corp. is pleased to announce another addition to its rapidly growing product line. The superior performing 50 W Coaxial Attenuator Family significantly broadens the XMA/Omni Spectra® power products offering. Available in SMA, Type N, TNC and 7-16 connector configurations in both in-series and between series variations. This product...
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