XMA Corp., the industry leader in Microwave and RF component technology, announced the release of their new product family of 1.85mm attenuators, adapters, and terminations, expanding performance into the 65GHz, millimeter wave market.  Technical advancements within the smart phone industry, as well as aerospace, medical and Defense, are driving manufacturers and carriers of wireless devices to push for performance into the higher frequency bands.  

XMA Corp, powered by Omni Spectra, is a pioneer in RF and Microwave technology and now offers a complete line of RF, coaxial passive components that extend into the 65 GHz frequency range, using 1.85mm connectors.   The key performance parameter feature of products for this new RF voice and data band is the reliability, security, and quality of data transfer is greatly increased over current technology, which performs at lower frequency spectrums.  In the transportation industry, high frequency products are needed, whether it is an airport security scanner or a radar in a car that can save lives by stopping accidents. 

Asked about the new product launch, President and CEO Marc Smith mentioned, “In line with our Omni Spectra brand and the XMA commitment to provide advanced RF and Microwave products, we are excited to release the next generation family of passive products using 1.85 millimeter connector technology.  Our line of high quality, precise attenuators and terminations, are designed to exceed the evolving demands of the 65GHz market and provide off the shelf solutions for the high frequency, millimeter wave, industry.  Investment into evolving markets such as 1.85 mm is key to our success and directly in line with our growth strategies for the future.”

The future growth area for RF and Microwave coaxial products is found in higher frequency bands where there is less congestion and under-utilized bands.  XMA’s growth strategy is to remain innovators in core market segments by utilizing new science and technology and remain one step ahead of industry demands.  Right now, performance of passive components exceeding 65 GHz is XMA’s next step of product growth.  XMA will continue the development of other products within the 65 GHz frequency band, and continue to add value to customers by exceeding their demands and expectations.