XMA Corp., a leader in advanced Microwave and RF products, was host to Vice President Joseph Biden, US Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, and NH Governor Maggie Hassan to discuss the future of high technology and work force development programs for the Microwave and RF Industry. 

During an address to the employees of XMA, Vice President Biden stated, “We are trying to replicate what you do at XMA across the Country.”  Vice President Biden mentioned the importance of high technology companies such as XMA in the future growth of the Microwave and RF Industry by offering “On the Job Training” programs as well as participating in various educational events for emerging RF engineers.

In addition to the comments made by Vice President Biden, NH Governor Hassan mentioned, “Our State’s focus is on strengthening our workforce partnerships within the private sector, to collaboratively train thousands of new workers.”

According to Marc Smith, President/CEO of XMA, “The growth strategy of XMA Corporation directly relies on our ability to hire talented high tech professionals from within NH, both active and inactive.  The immediate financial impact of hiring professionals becomes a challenge for small to medium sized companies.  However, by utilizing the NH Works program, as sponsored by the US Department of Labor, XMA is able to hire key talent within NH to grow our business and add value to our customers.” 

With Vice President Joseph Biden, US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez and Governor Maggie Hassan visiting XMA and endorsing the “On the Job Training” practices, their message was clear, the hiring program for Microwave and RF professionals not only works, but is a key growth initiative for our technology sector nationally and within NH.  XMA has hired excellent professionals to their workforce as a result of the various programs and initiatives, and continues to provide new product innovations as an outcome of the new talent.