T-Tech Inc. announces release of IsoPro CNC2PCB software.

T-Tech Inc. the manufacturer of the Quick Circuit rapid prototyping system announces CNC2PCB®. The new software application allows you to output your DXF data, Gerber data, or NC Drill data to computer numerical control programs. By following the EIA RS-274 industry standard, the output from CNC2PCB allows you to fabricate your PCB or chassis on your milling center in your mechanical engineering department.

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T-Tech Inc. & The Geek Group partner to provide PCB design/prototyping

T-Tech Inc. and The Geek Group announced a joint agreement to offer a state of the art solution and facility for rapid printed circuit board (PCB) design, verification, and fabrication. The collaboration will combine T-Tech's QCJ5 series Quick Circuit System and IsoPro® Software for PCB prototyping with The Geek Group's expertise and 43,000 square foot Leonard Street Labs Facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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T-Tech Inc. Mill Path Generation and CAD Editing Software

T-Tech Inc. announces the release of IsoPro® 3.1, Mill Path Generation and CAD editing software for Quick Circuit users. Live demonstrations of the software are planned at IMS 2011 in Booth 717. The newly added features include: •CheckByTouch® broken bit detection ContactByTouch® automatic depth sensing •ATC® automatic tool change...
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T-Tech Introduces J5 Advanced PCB Prototyping System

T-Tech Inc. introduces the Quick Circuit J5, an advanced state-of-the-art in-house circuit board prototyping system. The J5 features full z-axis motion control; 32-position automatic tool change; automatic tool-depth control; vacuum table; 0.00025" resolution; and a 60,000/100,000 rpm variable speed spindle. With customers in over 46 countries, T-Tech is a...
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Improvements to Desktop Circuit Board Prototyping

Desktop milling machines for prototyping circuit boards have long been particularly helpful to microwave engineering development teams. Often a circuit or a critical part (filter, amplifier, coupler, etc.) needs to be designed quickly to keep the entire project on schedule. In many cases the desktop milling system can create...
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