At IMS 2011, T-Tech Inc. (Booth 717) will be providing demonstrations of JVISION®, fiducial recognition and alignment capability for QCJ5 series prototyping systems. JVISION fiducial recognition provides QCJ5 prototyping system users with the ability to align a circuit board for multilayer production or rework, through the use IsoPro® 3.1 software managed fiducial recognition. The JVISION method of fiducial recognition alignment provides alignment accuracy that is not available on a pin-only alignment system. JVISION fiducial recognition and alignment capabilities, combined with the QCJ5 series of prototyping systems 3.0 inches of vertical z-axis travel, provides users with the ability to easily de-panel populated SMT circuit boards.

Our goal in creating JVISION was to develop a fiducial recognition solution that exceeds anything on the market today,” says John Taylor; President of T-Tech, Inc. “We are now offering JVISION as a standard feature on all QCJ5 series prototyping systems.”