T-Tech Inc. and The Geek Group announced a joint agreement to offer a state of the art solution and facility for rapid printed circuit board (PCB) design, verification, and fabrication. The collaboration will combine T-Tech's QCJ5 series Quick Circuit System and IsoPro® Software for PCB prototyping with The Geek Group's expertise and 43,000 square foot Leonard Street Labs Facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This combination is expected to represent the first makerspace in the United States with a turnkey rapid PCB prototyping solution.

"By joining forces with The Geek Group and providing our Quick Circuit QCJ5 series high-frequency, precision PCB fabrication system, we will give makerspace members the unique ability to go from desktop design to physical prototype in hours instead of weeks or months" said John Taylor, President of T-Tech. "We are proud to sponsor The Geek Group in their efforts to bring this capability to individuals who may not ordinarily have access to rapid PCB prototyping equipment" said David Cromey, Director of International Sales and Marketing.

"It is exciting that T-Tech has made a substantial commitment to provide students, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and inventors in Grand Rapids access to state of the art PCB fabrication machinery and software" said Josh Spencer, Director of Development of The Geek Group. "It will enable our membership to work from concept to creation of a physical PCB prototype within our Leonard Street Labs Facility. With these tools, the Geek Group will continue to offer services that are unmatched by any makerspace in the United States."

T-Tech's QCJ5 series Quick Circuit System is an automated rapid-prototyping solution used in the fabrication phase of circuit board prototypes. By bringing prototyping methods in-house, it enables engineers to save both time and money. The Quick Circuit can drill, mill and route traces and spaces as fine as 0.100mm /.004 inches, making it ideal for producing analog, digital, or RF/microwave prototypes.