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1997 Exhibition Guide

A listing of exhibiting microwave companies, their booth numbers, booth personnel, and products and/or services
Exhibition Guide 1997 IEEE MTT-S The following exhibitors are recognized for sponsoring complimentary coffee breaks in the exhibition hall during the 1997 MTT-S Exhibition: ANSOFT CORPORATION - Booth 319 4 Station Square Suite 660 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Sponsor of breaks on: Tuesday morning, June 10 Wednesday morning, June 11...
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Exhibitor List

An alphabetical listing of companies participating in the Microwave Week exhibition and their respective booth numbers
Exhibitor List 1997 IEEE MTT-S The following list is complete as of press time, but may not include all companies. Accumet Engineering Corp. 834             Accuratus Corp. 274             AdComm Inc. 1036             ADC...
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New Types of Microstrip Antennas for UHF Applications

A new technology for the fabrication of microstrip antennas in general and for UHF frequencies in particular
New Types of Microstrip Antennas for the Applications Typically, patch antennas are narrowband and their Q factor is inversely proportional to frequency. The main reason for the high Q factor is that patch antennas are essentially circuits printed on a relatively thin substrate: the higher the dielectric, the higher...
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Static Fractional-N: The True Fractional Division Method of Indirect Synthesis

Indirect frequency synthesis using dynamic fractional division vs. static fractional division
Static Fractional: The True Fractional Division Method of Indirect Synthesis A significant development of the indirect frequency synthesis method, called fractional-N, has been developed recently. This article shows that this dynamic method is only one of two possible ways for the implementation of the fractional division idea. The second...
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Antenna Systems for Polarization Diversity

Reducing the size and number of antennas needed for mobile network deployment through polariztion diversity
Antenna Systems for Polarization Diversity During the last couple of years, antennas for mobile networks have sprouted up like gladioli all over our downtown areas. For aesthetic reasons and due to the fact that it has become more expensive to acquire the rights to install antennas on buildings and...
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SiGe MMICs and Flip-chip MICs for Low Cost Microwave Sytems

Two approaches for integrating distributed elements with high frequency silicon devices, including a polymide MMIC and a flip-chip MIC
SiGe MMICs and Flip-chip MICs for Low Cost Microwave Systems Recent progress in SiGe device technology has improved cutoff frequencies of these devices to beyond 200 GHz. Such high speed transistors fabricated on low cost Si substrates allow high levels of integration as well as the development of low...
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Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part 1

The maturation of electronically steerable phase-phase scanned arrays over the last 35 years
Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Fast One This article is the first of a two-part series that describes the major accomplishments in phased arrays, and new-age MMIC ground-based and airborne arrays. Significant advances have been made in the last 35 years in the area of electronically steerable phase-phase scanned...
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Components Parametric Bandpass Filters These parametric bandpass filters are designed for local multipoint distribution system wireless applications. The filters feature constant delay, high selectivity, small size and low cost, and can be used to transmit and receive data at rapid rates in limited bandwidth channels. The filters utilize a...
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Around The Circuit

AROUND THE CIRCUIT Industry News Electronic device automation software developer Ansoft Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, has acquired the privately held RF/microwave circuit design tool provider Compact Software Inc. Under terms of the $10 M deal, Ansoft will exchange a combination of approximately 1.3 million shares of common stock and $3...
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Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit Industry News Microwave transmission system module provider REMEC Inc. , San Diego, CA, has completed its merger with microwave component manufacturer Radian Technology Inc. Jim Mongillo, CEO of Radian, will become a VP at REMEC and will continue in his current position at Radian. Radian shareholders...
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