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New Literature

NEW LITERATURE   Wireless Component Brochure This four-page brochure lists several manufacturers’ available stock of RF/microwave connectors and wireless components, including switches, mixers, power dividers, directional couplers, GaAs MESFETs, duplexers, inductors, attenuators, DC blocks and phase trimmers. East Coast Microwave Distributors Inc., Stoneham, MA (800) 786-2576. Probe Brochure This...
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News From Washington

NEWS FROM WASHINGTON   Preliminary Observations Find Army’s Digital Force Wanting As reported in Defense Daily, a team of retired military officers who observed the Army’s recent battlefield digitization experiment found that the troops equipped with computer equipment were no more lethal than conventional forces. The observations were made...
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International Report

INTERNATIONAL REPORT   New Developments on ASTOR Front Following the selection of consortia led by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon E-Systems (RES) as final bidders in the UK’s Airborne Stand-off Radar (ASTOR) competition, new details have emerged concerning the proposed radars. Lockheed Martin is proposing an entirely new radar, which...
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Commercial Market

COMMERCIAL MARKET   Twelve Million Satellite Voice Terminals to be Installed by 2002 A report to be issued by Allied Business Intelligence, “Bandwidth On-demand Satellite Systems: 97,” studies the emerging market for satellite systems that will connect individuals upon demand without the user being required to lease time in...
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Book End

THE BOOK END   Passive Microwave Device Applications of High Temperature Superconductors M.J. Lancaster Cambridge University Press 340 pages; $79.95 This book stems from laboratory work performed on high temperature superconducting (HTS) materials and the microwave aspects of these materials. In less than 10 years, superconducting communication and signal...
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A Solid-state Power Supply/Modulator System

A solid-state power supply/modulator that represents a new level of reliability and efficiency unattainable with older tube-type systems
A Solid-state Power Supply/Modulator System MagCap Engineering Inc. Canton, MA New advances in high power insulated-gate bipolar transistor and FET technology have made the design of solid-state high power transmitters possible. Thyratrons have been used traditionally as the main high power switch in radar modulators. Recently, solid-state switches in...
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Quadrature Hybrids and Directional Couplers for Telecom Applications

Ninety-degree hybrids and couplers designed for the 800 to 2100 MHz telecommunications band and incorporating the patented WIREPAC twin-conductor line technology
Quadrature Hybrids and Directional Couplers for Telecom Applications Sage Laboratories Inc. Natick, MA Traditional couplers and hybrids have been manufactured using stripline, microstrip, airline, transverse electromagnetic line and waveguide technologies, and have been driven primarily by the military and low volume test set markets. As such, these devices have...
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GaAs MMICs for Changing Base Station Requirements

This month's cover features GaAs MMICs developed to meet the requirements of smaller, smarter, higher performance, self-contained and lower cost cellular base transceiver
GaAs MMICs for Changing Base Station Requirements Hittite Microwave Corp. Woburn, MA Today, wireless infrastructure designers are being faced with increasingly challenging design requirements. Cellular base transceiver stations (BTS), or base stations, are becoming smaller, smarter, higher performance, self-contained and lower cost simultaneously. Early cellular BTS designs, which are...
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The Changing Tide: Europe Turns to the Market

A look at how industry-wide re-engineering is helping microwave manufacturers to become, in some instances, more successful than their clients in the telecommunications industry
The Changing Tide: Europe Turns to the Market Bhawani Shankar European Microwave Journal Staff Barely five years ago, the microwave industry in Europe appeared to be locked in an uncertain battle against the twin forces of unproven markets and a dwindling list of orders. Today, a similar analysis of...
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Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part II

The entry of MMIC arrays into space-age telecommunications, and ongoing research and development programs looking to use phased arrays effectively
Major Advances in Phased Arrays: Part II This article is the second in a two-part series describing the major accomplishments in phased arrays and new-age MMIC ground-based and airborne arrays. Part one covered significant advances made in phased arrays over the last 35 years and the entry into the...
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