As part of a project to provide the Netherlands MoD with one of the most accurate signal direction finding capabilities available anywhere in the world, Roke Manor Research Ltd. has delivered Roke-designed and manufactured crossed-loop antennas to the customer's site.

The company’s latest electronic surveillance project includes the delivery, installation and commissioning of the antennas, beamforming, direction finding hardware and all of the built-in-test, control and analysis software. The antenna system is based around three of Roke's world leading products: The low-profile crossed-loop antenna, super-resolution direction finding software and the multi channel digital wideband receiver (MCDWR) product range.

Head of the Electronic Support Business Sector at Roke, Chris Tarran commented, "The ability to deliver a high technology solution against aggressive timescales is predicated upon good project management skills and the proven RESOLVE and LOCATE product ranges, which are being constantly developed and refined; we are fortunate to have such a broad and successful product base."