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Gallium Nitride Applications

Gallium Nitride is an emerging technology that is rapidly being developed for both commercial and military applications. Its high power and efficiency make it ideal for power amplifiers ranging from L-band to W-band. With reducing material costs and conversion to 4” wafers, Gallium Nitride will become even more competitive in commercial markets.
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Design of a Miniaturized Quarter-circular-slot UWB Antenna

A miniaturized quarter-circular-slot UWB (QCS-UWB) antenna using field-pattern analysis of the circular-slot UWB prototype antenna is proposed. Even though the proposed antenna has only the quarter part of the prototype antenna it maintains UWB antenna characteristics. The measured gain of the miniaturized antenna from 3.0 GHz to 12.0 GHz is within -0.1 dBi ~ 1.6 dBi, which is comparable to the prototype antenna’s gain, -2.7 dBi ~ 3.1 dBi.
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