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Solutions for Wideband Radar and Satcom Measurements

A growing trend in Satellite communication (Satcom) and Radar systems in the aerospace and defense market is the need for increased signal and analysis bandwidth and processing gain. Satcom systems are being driven by demands for increased data rates, while modern Radar systems require more processing gain to improve range resolution, which in turn drives wider modulation bandwidths.
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The Cost and Performance Benefits of 80 GHz Links Compared to Short-Haul 18-38 GHz Licensed Frequency Band Products

GHz wireless links deliver multi-gigabit data rates over multi-kilometer distances, with the interference protection of licensed band operation. The key benefits provided by these systems include: highest available throughput; simple, all-outdoor design; lowest spectrum licensing costs and lowest dollar-per-megabit total cost of ownership.
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Design of Microstrip Planar Triplexer for Multi-mode/Multi-band Wireless Systems

A novel microstrip planar triplexer for multi-mode/multi-band wireless systems has been proposed in this paper. The proposed triplexer is composed of a dual-band bandpass filter (BPF), a low pass filter using microstrip stepped-impedance hairpin resonators and simple associated matching circuits. The dual-band BPF is realized by using parallel coupled microstrip lines and open-loop stepped-impedance resonators (SIR) loaded with two shunt open stubs. Compared with the conventional triplexer configuration, it only needs to design two filters.
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Managing Phase Noise in Microwave Chains

This work encompases a set of phase noise and some other rules for microwave oscillator design in microwave receiving and transmitting chains intended for SDR radio systems. Engineering shown in this work, comes from error vector magnitude achievable in a system. A 10 dB difference between demanded EVM and CINR is a reserve needed for compensating of various errors, wich are inevitable caused by the elements in the frequency conversion chain. Using this design process, post-layout simulations show a phase noise of -110 dBc/Hz at the offset of 100 kHz.
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