Nitronex and Modelithics have released the first state-of-the-art nonlinear model for Nitronex’s high power gallium nitride (GaN) NPT1012 device. The model combines heating effects, static and dynamic bias characteristics with large-signal performance to deliver accuracy unlike other GaN HEMT device models. The collaborative model predicts performance of the NPT1012 in broadband application circuits specifically targeting the military communications, electronic warfare and radar markets.

Modelithics President and CEO Larry Dunleavy commented that, “We have enjoyed working with Nitronex on multiple projects this past year and especially for this first external model release. We have the same goal of enabling more efficient, higher power and broader band GaN PA Designs.” The NPT1012 is now available as a free download from Modelithics’ website for Agilent Technologies Advanced Design System (ADS) and AWR Microwave Office (MWO) software at The models will also be included in the next update of Modelithics® Select free shareware library, available for ADS and MWO.

“We are enthusiastic about the global release of the NPT1012 model as a result of our collaboration with Modelithics for nonlinear models of our thermally-enhanced power products,” said Gary Blackington, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Nitronex. “The simulated performance predicted by the NPT1012 model, and the accuracy with which it compares to measured results in high efficiency, high power and broadband power amplifiers has been well received by our strategic customer base.”