RanLOS AB recently secured a major deal with its distributor TOYO Corporation. The deal covers the RanLOS sub-6 GHz test system which will be demonstrated to an international conglomerate as well as leading automotive manufacturers seeking for innovative connectivity test solutions in Asia.

Successful system demonstration in Gothenburg  

Impressive results were seen during a demonstration of the system in Gothenburg in late 2022. This led to the purchase of the RanLOS sub-6 GHz test system, which is a turnkey solution that includes both hardware and software. The RanLOS solution can be used to measure antenna radiation patterns as well as connectivity/throughput, both for full vehicle and stand-alone antennas and communication systems.

Jan Carlsson, CTO at RanLOS, commented on the days of testing, “We had a very successful demonstration of our test system where we measured both antenna radiation patterns and connectivity/throughput for both stand-alone antennas and a full vehicle communication system. The customer was very impressed with the ease-of-use of our test system and the many possibilities to plot and analyze the results in our proprietary software.”  

Great distributor collaboration

RanLOS has contracts with three different distributors covering Europe, Japan, China, Korea and the U.S. and is primarily targeting global vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. The company’s strategy is to work with leading international distributors to make its mark in the industry. This is the first deal for the RanLOS sub-6 GHz test system in collaboration with TOYO Corporation.

Louice Rosdahl, CEO at RanLOS, after finalizing the deal said, “We are really looking forward to what the future will bring. For a small Gothenburg-based company to successfully enter the Japanese market is great proof of both the quality of our products but also our strategy to work with leading international distributors. This is a big step in making our mark in Asia and the Japanese market. The need for over-the-air (OTA) measurements is increasing worldwide, and we are in a great position to enable automotive manufacturers to do OTA testing easier, faster and smarter.