Altum RF, a supplier of high performance RF to mmWave semiconductor solutions for next-generation markets and applications, announced three new GaAs pHEMT MMIC amplifiers targeting applications covering Q-, V- and E-Bands. Using WIN Semiconductors’ next-generation PP10-20 GaAs pHEMT technology, these compact die amplifiers achieve high gain and low noise, while simplifying design-in for engineers by using single gate and single drain supplies. Highlights of these amplifiers include: 

  • ARF1208 low noise amplifier: 37 to 59 GHz, 2.5 dB noise figure and 26.5 dB linear gain at 50 GHz 
  • ARF1207 linear amplifier: 57 to 71 GHz, 25 dB gain and 22 dBm P1dB output power 
  • ARF1206 low noise amplifier: 71 to 86 GHz, 22 dB gain and 4 dB noise figure.

WIN’s PP10-20 technology builds on the proven and mature PP10-10 platform and targets applications up to 170 GHz. As a key differentiator, PP10-20 allows for a substantial increase in gain, with the same operating voltage for power applications.  

“Building on our experience with WIN’s proven 0.1 µm technology and with careful attention to modeling, design and simulation workflow, we achieved first-pass success with a family of mmWave products in the newly-released PP10-20 process,” stated Greg Baker, Altum RF CEO. “We are pleased with this success, which supports our strategy to develop leading-edge components for mmWave applications, and we look forward to building a broader portfolio of products to address today’s and future market requirements.” 

David Danzilio, senior vice president, Technology and Strategic Business Development at WIN Semiconductors added, “We are pleased to partner with Altum RF to commercialize leading-edge mmWave products leveraging WIN’s high-performance platforms. This next-generation PP10-20 technology builds upon the mature PP10-10 platform used in many of today’s E-Band power amplifiers deployed in wireless backhaul. PP10-20 is a versatile technology enabling a wide range of mmWave front-end functions and supports amplifier performance well into D-Band. The first-pass success achieved by Altum RF confirms the reproducibility and production readiness of the PP10-20 platform.” 

Altum RF is an international company, with strategic partnerships and office locations that span the globe to support its growing product portfolio and permits a variety of design projects based on customer requirements.