Palomar Technologies announced the availability of their new Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder. The new 8100 wire bonder is a fully automated, thermosonic high speed ball-and-stitch wire bonder capable of ball bumping and customized looping profiles. Based on Palomar’s proven wire bonder design, the Palomar 8100 incorporates the latest productivity technology and operator ergonomics.

“The new Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder builds upon the proven engineering of the Palomar 8000, while adding the latest technology in motion control, software and user experience. Transferring and maintaining programs across multiple systems is straightforward and requires no extra effort whether the systems are all 8100s or a mix of 8000s and 8100s,” said Rich Hueners, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Palomar Technologies. “The Palomar 8000 Wire Bonder has had a successful 17-year run with a global installed base of more than $100M. It is the ball bonder of choice for Tier 1 companies who require high reliability, first-level interconnect in their advanced microelectronic packages. With new features such as Vision Standardization™, customers will find that moving from the 8000 to the 8100 will be a seamless transition.”

The Palomar 8100 is ideal for a flexible range of applications by providing new methods for higher quality and reliability.  It offers optimum performance for applications with tight spaces, fragile surfaces, flip-chip, deep access cavities and provides excellent material flexibility. Typical applications for the Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder include:
•    Large complex hybrids
•    HB/HP LED arrays
•    Optoelectronic packaging
•    Chip-on-board 
•    System in packages 
•    Specialty lead frames
•    Automotive assemblies
•    Flex circuits
•    Multi-chip modules
•    Fine pitch devices
•    LEDs with running stitch
In addition to utilizing Palomar’s VisionPilot® Pattern Referencing software for vision processing, programmers can improve yield and utilization by using Bond Data Miner. This Palomar proprietary software provides traceability of bond parameters and a clear overview of processes and performance.  

Additionally, it includes Vision Standardization™, Palomar’s new software that calibrates images between different Palomar bonding systems, dramatically eliminating the time and cost associated with maintaining programs across multiple systems and numerous programs on a system over time.

The Palomar 8100 is loaded with a full range of ergonomic features designed to increase operator efficiency and decrease fatigue, including:
•             An optimized wire-feed path for faster loading and full view of the wire during operation
•             All user interaction points comfortably within operator reach
•             Adjustable, articulating monitors and keyboard to cater to all operators, either sitting or standing
•             Microscope available for use while the bonder is in operation
•             Graphical real-time displays of all vital operations and gauges in one location
•             Rapid, informed response by employing simple color-coded error signals for all situations
The Palomar 8100 wire bonder will be the focus of Palomar’s exhibit at iMAPS Virtual Exhibition from October 5 - 8.