Palomar Technologies is offering new epoxy die attach capabilities for silver sintering. Developed to meet growing demand for RF GaN power amplifiers, a core element for the successful rollout of 5G networks around the world, the new silver jet dispensing process is an enhancement to the already wide breadth of Palomar Technologies' solutions for the telecom and datacom markets.

Silver sintering for power electronics offers the ability to provide high thermal and electrical conductivities, low process temperature and high reliability, while greatly reducing cycle time — key to increasing production capacity and lowering manufacturing cost for GaN device assemblies.

Advantages of Jet Dispensing

  • Pinpoint Shooting — With flexible dispensing from below, side or oblique directions, it provides effective application on uneven and narrow areas where the normal nozzle is not accessible.
  • High Speed Processing — Possible without being affected by curves or individual differences in work pieces provides high precision, stable dispensing of microscopic dots.
  • Cost Reduction — Opportunities gained through less material waste and increased throughput.

Applications for Jet Dispensing

  • Jetting silver paste to lead frames.
  • Conformal coating for automotive PCBs.
  • Jetting UV glue.
  • Adhesion/bonding of various electronic parts.
  • Dotting, lining, coating.

The new jet dispensing capabilities are currently available for the Palomar 3880 die bonder.

“High-power RF packaging and assembly anchor processes rest with automated die bonders capable of high speed GaN silver sintering dispense and high throughput of GaN AuSn eutectic assembly — critical to realizing full commercialization for 5G. Providing this capability has been a focus for Palomar, and we are pleased to be able to offer this to our customers around the world.” — Rich Hueners, global VP of sales for Palomar Technologies

With the launch of 5G networks around the world, interest and development of RF GaN power amplifiers have seen an explosion in growth. Yole Development predicts the RF GaN device market will grow from $380 million in 2017 to $1.3 billion by 2023.