Anritsu Company has expanded its industry-leading CPRI RF field handheld analyzer portfolio to address the emerging requirements associated with testing high-speed LTE base stations. Among the enhancements are the ability to display four unique AxC traces, as well as support for CPRI Line Rate 8 and 20 MHz compression. Available on select Anritsu Site Master™, BTS Master™, Spectrum Master™, and Cell Master™ instruments, the new capabilities provide wireless carrier technicians, engineers and wireless contractors with the necessary tools to install and verify CPRI-based radios using optical fiber, SFPs, and RRHs, as well as to solve problems during installation and maintenance.

The Multi Trace AxC capability allows the Anritsu analyzers to show four AxC traces in a single or dual display configuration – a first for a handheld CPRI RF test analyzer. The combination of Multi Trace AxC and dual display permits simultaneous viewing of different MIMO signals, which also allows for RF diversity testing between MIMO radios on a live signal. BTS Master models with two SFP ports can display AxC traces from two fiber connections and present a different bandwidth signal and Line Rate per display, so spectrum and spectrogram measurements can be made on co-located radios at different frequencies.

Support for Line Rate 8, which addresses signals up to 10.1376 Gbps, as well as for 20 MHz compression implemented by newer BBUs is also provided with the enhancements. The compression capability allows for resampling of 20 MHz bandwidth IQ data signals from 30.72 Msps to 23.04 Msps for a 25% reduction. It will display the compressed signal properly, eliminating the chance of user error. All of the new features clearly demonstrate Anritsu’s commitment to provide customers with the tools necessary to efficiently and accurately verify high-speed wireless networks.

The enhancements are for the BTS Master MT8220T, MT8221B, MT8222B, and the “E” series of the Site Master, Spectrum Master, and Cell Master handheld analyzers. Anritsu field instruments offer network operators and contractors the solutions they need to install, maintain, and optimize 4G networks. Anritsu products and cloud-based services are focused on maximizing productivity to control operating costs. They can be used to ensure wireless networks meet key performance indicators (KPIs), thereby maximizing network operation and reducing customer churn.