Open air range testing simulates complex and reactive threats that cannot be simulated with one-dimensional, indoor test amplifiers. To address this, Empower RF Systems has developed its Next Generation family of high performance solid-state amplifiers with embedded high speed computing for precise power control, pulse replication and multi-mode operation. The result is a dynamically configurable transmitting amplifier for generating real-time threat scenarios.

System integrators can take advantage of the hardware and software capability and commonality across the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Next Generation product family, with features that simplify system integration and enable faster dynamic threat mode changes. The Next Generation architecture overcomes the historical reliance on single purpose and mission specific amplifiers in system designs. The architecture is a well-conceived combination of hardware engineering - achieving size reductions not seen at these power levels - and a microprocessor/FPGA software architecture, enabling multi-mode, multi-mission support.

A critical requirement in many high-power applications is emitter mobility and reliability. The Next Generation electro-mechanical architecture eliminates virtually all internal connectors, achieving an inherently rugged COTS amplifier with lower losses in the RF chain for improved efficiency and power density.

This Next Generation family offers scalability through an expandable system hardware architecture with electronic phase adjustment: the embedded software adjusts the phase, so any number of like models can be combined in any order without manual phase matching. The scalable architecture makes it straightforward to provide very high power emitters for threat simulation, CW and pulse radars, jamming and broadband communications.

Empower RF Systems Inc.
Inglewood, Calif.