Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability of a new solid state high-power amplifier from Empower RF Systems Inc.

The 1205/BBM3K5OEL is suitable for broadband mobile jamming, communications, general test and band-specific applications from 500 to 2700 MHz. This compact module utilizes high-power advanced GaN devices that provide excellent power density, high efficiency, wide dynamic range and low distortion. Exceptional performance, long-term reliability and high efficiency are achieved by employing advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, EMI/RFI filters, machined housings and qualified components.

The new amplifier features instantaneous ultra-broadband performance, as well as built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits.

Additional key features of the 1205/BBM3K5OEL include:

  • Operating frequency range: 500 to 2700 MHz
  • Power output CW (Psat): 30 W
  • Power output at 1 dB gain compression (P1dB): 20 W
  • Small signal gain: 48 dB
  • Small signal gain flatness (Pin = -20 dBm): +/-1.0 dB
  • Operating voltage: 28 V
  • 50 ohm input/output impedance
  • Dimensions: 6 in. x 3 in. x 1 in.