Empower RF announced the production release of the company's proven, multi-mode Model 2215, which provides 200 W output power and 53 dB gain across the 1.9 to 6 GHz band. It can be used for EMC, RF product test, communications and EW applications. With power supply options that include 28 V DC, 400 Hz AC and single phase AC, the unit is equally suited for land mobile vehicle, airborne and shipboard deployments.

The 2215's rugged design is based off Empower's COTS family of NEXT GEN patented architecture that virtually eliminates every internal connector found in the typical RF/microwave system amplifier.

A Multi-Mode, Interoperable Power Amplifier

Designed for optimized performance over a multitude of applications, the 2215 is a multi-mode power amplifier with built in modes for a variety of input modulations and application scenarios, including frequency hopping, xx-QAM, OFDM, multi-carrier, pulse, AM, FM, barrage and broadband noise. For each operating mode, the output power and efficiency are maximized and protection optimized. Empower's flexible and programmable input and output detection scheme makes multi-mode operation possible, with the added advantage of future-proofing the amplifier to changes in the ever-increasing complex waveform environment.

Protections and Remote Monitoring

The 2215 includes the following built-in protection and monitoring features:

  • Excessive VSWR, with user selectable fold-back or shutdown
  • Duty cycle and pulse width protection exceeding pre-set values
  • Power supply faults, including input line voltage
  • Output power limit
  • Input overdrive
  • Cooling, thermal management and fan health
  • RF section component failure, with graceful output power degradation, which will back down the output power to a safe operating level.

Ease of System Integration

The 2215 is easy to integrate into a system, offering:

  • User selectable output power management modes: AGC (automatic gain control), ALC (automatic level control) and MGC (manual gain control)
  • Selectable RF power detectors optimized for the waveform
  • Optional filters and switches for improved harmonic rejection
  • Compact, lightweight and portable design for easier maneuverability in lab environments or tactical deployments
  • Modern and multi-faceted user interfaces for monitoring and control, including a front panel display and web browser with TCP/IP Ethernet, factory configurable serial RS-422 or RS232 interfaces.

The user interface capabilities of the amplifier are standard with all Empower next-generation designs, allowing the user to initiate remote management and diagnostics via an embedded web server or M2M interface, which enables network managed status and control simply by connecting the unit's Ethernet port to a local area network. Using a web browser and the unit's IP address (IPV4) allows easy access with multilevel security.