Maury Microwave Stand 001

High-Power Pulsed SMUs

Maury Microwave

AMCAD’s AM3100 high-power pulsed SMUs are the perfect pulsed-bias supply and acquisition instrumentation for pulsed load pull and general-purpose test & measurement applications. The AM3100 can operate up to 120 V and 30 A pulsed with pulse widths down to 1 us. It includes internal and external synchronization and triggering and can be controlled through direct SCPI commands via USB or Ethernet. The AM3100 includes multiple levels of protection circuitry including a fast short-circuit current breaker (e-fuse).

Active Load Pull for 5G & Wi-Fi

Maury Microwave

Maury’s MT2000 mixed-signal active harmonic load pull system has been designed for 5G FR1 and FR2 device characterization up to 40 GHz. The MT2000 enables wideband impedance control over a bandwidth up to 1000 MHz for multi-channel 5G load pull measurements, and can accurately measure power, efficiency ACPR and EVM with its low noise floor and receiver sensitivity. The MT2000 offers the simplest configuration and ease-of-use based on a fully integrated and turnkey architecture.

SPINNER GmbH Stand 110

mmWave-to-Coaxial Adaptors


The new SPINNER mmWave-to-coaxial adaptors for the V-, E- and W-Bands let you directly connect waveguide-based measurement network topologies to the coaxial ports of VNA or mmWave-range extender modules. In lab environments, you need to have the right interfaces handy: for waveguide-to-coaxial transitions and with male or female coaxial connectors, as required. These convenient solutions save time and let you focus on your testing work.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH Stand 145

The 2019 Adapter Handbook

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH

The new handbook shows, at over 500 pages, in detail 34 adapter categories, standard MIL- and DIN-products, as well as the Spectrum Elektrotechnik developments, In- and In-between Series. Waveguide, WR and WRD to coax adapters with a variety of connector types are shown in a special part. This most complete handbook is in each section headed by a reference table, indicating the contents of the section and referencing related products. Specification sheets show the electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of the series with interface dimensions.

Rogers Corp. Stand 200

TC350™ Plus Laminates

Rogers Corp.

Rogers TC350™ Plus Laminates are ceramic filled PTFE-based woven glass reinforced composite materials providing a cost-effective, high performance, thermally enhanced material for the circuit designer. With a thermal conductivity of 1.24 W/m∙K, this next-generation PTFE-based laminate is ideally suited for higher power microwave and industrial heating applications requiring higher maximum operating temperatures, low circuit losses and excellent thermal dissipation within the circuit board.

COMSOL AB Stand 235

RF Modeling Software for 5G, IoT & More


The COMSOL Multiphysics® software can be used to analyze and optimize designs involving multiphysics phenomena. The latest version of the RF Module, an add-on product to COMSOL Multiphysics®, provides tools for RF and microwave designers to model different PCB materials and study how they affect the performance of microwave and mmWave circuits. The Application Library introduces several design examples that work as a starting point for modeling 5G, IoT, automotive radar and SATCOM.

Cicor Group Stand 275

Thin Film Substrates

Cicor Group

As part of the Cicor Group, the Ulm and Wangs sites are specialized in the production of sophisticated rigid and flexible substrates in thin film technology and has extensive manufacturing expertise in this field. The sites produce thin film substrates on Al2O3, AlN, LCP, polyimide, glass, ferrite and quartz in prototype and serial production.

Holzworth Stand 280

40 GHz Multi-Channel RF Signal Source


Holzworth’s high performance HSX Series now offers options that extend the frequency range to 40 GHz. The broadband design (10 MHz to 40 GHz) offers superior spectral purity performance and unrivaled channel-to-channel phase coherency, which translates to optimal channel-channel stability. The HSX Series 1U chassis allows for up to 2x 40 GHz, phase coherent channels. Visit Holzworth at EuMW to test drive Holzworth’s latest RF synthesis and phase noise analysis products.

National Instruments (AWR) Stand 310

Design Software Solutions

National Instruments (AWR)

Stop by National Instruments’ stand to see the latest release of NI AWR Design Environment software, which provides new capabilities in design automation and customization for 5G, IoT and radar applications with enhancements to the software’s API, PCB import wizard, load-pull technology and more. In addition, the latest release of AntSyn™ antenna design, synthesis and optimization software offers twice the number of antennas in the template library, ability to specify waveguide feeds and new advanced library search.

Times Microwave Systems Stand 345

Clarity™ Series 40 GHz Test Cables

Times Microwave

Times Microwave introduces its new Clarity Series of 18, 26.5 and 40 GHz coax test cables. Clarity boasts steel torque, crush and overbend protection with abrasion resistance yet does not compromise flexibility. The cable is ultra-stable through 40 GHz with exceptionally low attenuation. An industry first includes an ergonomically designed, injection molded strain relief and Times’ new SureGrip™ coupling nut to significantly improve the user’s everyday experience. Clarity is appropriate for use as an VNA test port extension, R&D lab, production test and even system interconnect cables.

dSpace Stand 350

Over-the-Air Simulation of Echoes


dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) form a product family for testing radar sensors for civilian use in vehicles. With DARTS, radar sensors can be tested in the laboratory in clearly definable, reproducible scenarios. DARTS simulate object reflections that occur in road traffic at different distances, speeds and sizes in real-time. DARTS play a decisive role in the validation of radar-based driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles throughout the entire value chain.