Marki Microwave

The Virtual Model Inspector (VMI) from IMST is a new application for the HTC VIVE virtual reality system. It allows the user to move freely through scaled version of electromagnetic (EM) structures, providing a fascinating experience of inspecting the structure’s geometry from all perspectives. This enables an unprecedented layout check and design verification of simulation models, a crucial step before going into production. In addition to the geometry, the VMI also visualizes the 3D simulation results, e.g., EM fields in different planes. The VMI will be offered as an add-on module for the 3D EM solver EMPIRE XPU 7.7. Every simulation model in EMPIRE can be experienced virtually with the VMI software.

EMPIRE XPU helps designers with demanding RF design challenges, such as antennas, passive circuits, packages, waveguide and finding EMC/EMI problems. Because of IMST’s innovative XPU technology, EMPIRE XPU enables accurate, full, 3D EM modeling of structures larger and more complex than handled by conventional EM simulation tools. The XPU technology enables full parallel computation on modern PCs and yields higher simulation speed than using GPU supercomputers. Just-in-time code generation and caching save 50 percent of the memory used compared to other finite-difference time-domain simulators.

This fast and highly efficient simulation technique combined with the VMI enables design cycles
to be accelerated, particularly for challenging applications like 5G and 77 GHz automotive radar.

Kamp-Lintfort, Germany