This week, the top players in the RF technology and microwave components industry will discuss the latest innovations and trends at European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2018. Wolfspeed, a Cree company, is sharing their view on the upcoming 5G market while unveiling their expanded portfolio of radar and 4G/5G products.

Gerhard Wolf, vice president and general manager of Wolfspeed’s RF division, will deliver an industrial keynote on the technological challenges posed by the transition to 5G and how the industry can leverage GaN and LDMOS to achieve the greater bandwidth and efficiency that 5G requires. The company will also feature its new wideband, two-stage, LDMOS integrated power amplifier (PTNC210604MD) in a live demo at the event.

In addition to showcasing new communications parts, Wolfspeed will unveil two new radar parts: the CMPA5259025F–25 W, 28 V GaN MMIC PA and the CMPA5259050F–50 W, 28 V GaN MMIC PA. These C-Band MMIC Power Amplifiers are designed in a compact 0.5 in. square package with greater than 30 dB small signal and nominally 50 percent drain efficiency. This combination enables phased array radar designers to maximize the power per element for C-Band radar systems.

Both components are also used in linear and compressed amplifier circuits in marine radar, weather monitoring (Doppler weather radar), air traffic control (ATC), maritime vessel traffic control services (VTS), and port security applications. The 50 W MMIC PA for C-Band Radar enables modular system design with increased reliability and lower maintenance costs, making it applicable to a variety of emerging radar applications. For example, the new amplifier is an ideal solution for countries like India and USA as they upgrade radar capabilities at airports across their nations.

The CMPA5259025F–25 W, 28 V MMIC PA and the CMPA5259050F–50 W, 28 V MMIC PA are commercially available.