ALPHA-RLH (Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences®), a technology cluster specializing in photonics, microwave, RF and digital technologies, announced it will accompany six cluster members to the European Microwave Week Conference (EuMW) 2018, taking place September 23-28, 2018 at the Ifema Feria in Madrid, Spain. Exhibits include microwave modeling and system simulation software, an RF-MEMS-based switch technology aimed at addressing performance system needs in size, speed and power consumption and the first Wi-Fi connected oscilloscope probe. Other instruments designed for quick and easy test and measurement as well as component and circuit design capabilities will also be displayed.

EuMW is the largest microwave, wireless, RF and radar trade event in Europe. It attracts over 4,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors from around the world. The conference covers semiconductor materials, MMICs and microwave circuit design for radar systems, antenna technologies, propagation, high speed and mobile system applications. Special emphasis is placed on new designs and design methods and emerging technologies such as MEMS.

ALPHA-RLH will be at Booth #238. Since the technology cluster’s creation in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France, it has accompanied over 450 funded projects in support of its members’ technological developments. Market applications include radars, mobile devices, smart buildings, the wireless infrastructure, IoT, defense and space.

On display at EuMW 2018

AirMems, a designer and manufacturer of switches for defense, space and telecommunications applications, will display its RF-MEMS switch technology that is 100x smaller and faster than mechanical relays of equal performance. It allows RF engineers to shrink the size, improve performance or lower the power consumption of electronic systems. AirMems will also exhibit a Ron*Coff product whose overall switch performance is 10x better than products based on conventional semiconductor technologies. Visit AirMems at Booth #239.

AMCAD Engineering, a leading provider of measurement and modeling solutions for RF and microwave circuits and system design, will show two live demos at EuMW: IQSTAR, a new advanced measurement software platform for RF and Microwave Test Flow that helps engineers analyze, debug and tune RF circuits with instruments commonly used in labs, and VISION, a unique modeling platform enabling accurate RF and MW system design. Visit AMCAD’s live demos at Booth #240.

Ikalogic, a specialist in test and measurement devices for embedded system diagnostics and debugging, will exhibit IkaScope, the world’s first Wi-Fi connected oscilloscope probe. IkaScope is designed for quick and easy analog measurements. It offers a new dimension in ergonomics and overall end-user experience. Ikalogic, which enables electronics engineers to work more effectively on the peripheral circuits of microwave systems (microcontrollers, FPGAs and serial communication between integrated circuits), will also display its latest logic analyzers offering in-depth digital signal analysis. Visit Ikalogic at Booth #242.

Inoveos, a developer and manufacturer of passive microwave components and systems for military and commercial radar and telecommunications applications, will exhibit isolators and circulators with unique dual-band and bi-directional capabilities. Visit Inoveos at Booth #242.

Cisteme, a high-tech transfer center, works in collaboration with the XLIM laboratory at the University of Limoges. Cisteme proposes R&D services for microwave/RF components and system design as well as wireless applications (IoT, 5G). The center is active in antenna systems, wireless networks, autonomous and communicating sensor networks (IoT-related), ultra-wide band communicating systems, filtering, amplifier design and optimization, wireless propagation, RF front-end design, electromagnetic characterization of materials and electromagnetic compatibility. Visit Cisteme at Booth #241.

First time visitor to EuMW, CATIE, a specialist in digital technology solutions for IoT, big data, AI, robotics and in the study of cognition and human behavior, will be available to discuss its 6TRON platform. 6TRON provides hardware, software and cloud services under an open, collaborative and professional methodology. It enables rapid prototyping and integration, thus drastically reducing the time-to-market of IoT projects.