Continuing to redefine the traditional single function gain blocks, Anokiwave is introducing a family of multi-function microwave and mmWave Silicon ICs, offering complete transmit/receive functionality with active gain and phase control. The new IC family, also called “Intelligent Gain Blocks” (IGB), offer versatile RF blocks that can be used in wide range of applications including SATCOM, radar, 5G communications and sensing.

The family includes four single channel silicon ICs covering 10.5 to 16.0 GHz Ku- and 26 to 30 GHz Ka-Bands. Each IC includes a PA, LNA, 6-bit gain and phase control and two of the ICs include a T/R switch. Additionally, two variants of this architecture, without the T/R front end switch, are also offered for flexibility to use the part as single function block and eliminate switch loss. The unique design of these ICs allows them to be used for highly integrated mmWave arrays (such as 5G, SATCOM or phased array radars) or as a replacement of single function discrete blocks.

“Silicon technology allows integration of multiple RF functions into one IC for a very small form factor and low price,” states Abhishek Kapoor, Anokiwave VP of sales. “With this new product family, designers can now use the same IC for multiple functions across the RF signal chain, have increased control using a software interface, and provide equivalent or better performance than traditional discrete GaAs ICs.  We see these as the versatile new intelligent gain blocks of the microwave and mmWave world.”

Anokiwave offers evaluation kits for ease of adoption of the technology and capabilities. The kits include boards with the IC, USB-SPI interface module with drivers, and all required cables. Pilot production deliveries are available now.