Anokiwave Inc. will continue its presence at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2018) with participation in the exposition at Booth #538.

Anokiwave is providing technology to commercialize active antenna phased arrays for mass market by reducing SWAP-C (size, weight, power and cost) for designs. Using silicon as the underlying technology, Anokiwave offers core ICs for 24/26, 28 and 37/39 GHz 5G communications, K-/Ka- and Ku-Band SATCOM and X-Band radar. Anokiwave also actively engage in custom IC development. Anokiwave senior staff will be present and available for meetings in their booth.

Anokiwave has recently introduced its 5G Gen-2 ICs, supporting 3GPP compliance and its Intelligent Gain BlockTM (IGB) ICs. The 5G-Gen 2 IC family now supports all major 5G mmWave bands–24/26, 28 and 37/39 GHz and is part of Anokiwave’s on-going strategy to enable the commercialization of 5G mmWave systems with silicon ICs. The new IGB family of ICs offers versatile RF blocks that can be used for highly integrated mmWave arrays (such as 5G, SATCOM or phased array radars) or as a replacement of single function discrete blocks.

“Anokiwave has over a decade of experience designing silicon mmWave active antenna ICs and is enabling the commercialization of mmWave active antennas with silicon ICs,” states Dr. Nitin Jain, Anokiwave founder and CTO. “Our value is proven by our excellence in IC design and innovation and by the fact that we are the leading the market with extremely competitive mmWave Si ICs for commercial active antenna applications.”