Anritsu Company introduced V2X 802.11p Evaluation Software, MX727000A, a first-of-its-kind solution that supports V2X message analysis for U.S., Europe and Japan vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside (V2X) communications standards.

V2X communications is a critical element in the future of the connected car, with the first IEEE 802.11p-compliant V2X services already deployed in Japan, with the U.S. and Europe rapidly rolling out commercial services. Each region is using a different V2X standard, however, requiring automobile, in-vehicle and roadside equipment manufacturers to develop communications equipment supporting different regional standards. This is coupled with the burden on development engineers to search and analyze large volumes of protocol data from V2X systems to identify incorrect message definitions.

Anritsu’s Evaluation Software MX727000A overcomes some of these challenges by analyzing V2X messages without searching large amounts of data, leading to improved development efficiency. Testing for all regional standards is supported by just one test platform, eliminating the need to purchase separate measuring instruments for each standard and layer.

The MX727000A PC application software product line is composed of versions for the U.S. (MX727020A), Europe (MX727030A) and Japan (MX727040A), which can be used in combination with the Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS269xA or Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2830A to analyze V2X messages captured from in-vehicle and roadside equipment. The respective analyzer captures the live V2X messages exchanged between the vehicle and roadside equipment, which are then measured by the MX727000A software to provide objective evaluation results.