New Multirate Unit for MP1590B Network Performance Tester Creates Low-Cost, Space-Saving Solution for Measuring Modules, Devices, and Transmission Equipment.

April 1, 2009 - Anritsu Company introduces a plug-in module for its MP1590B Network Performance Tester that supports testing of SDH/SONET/OTN/PDH/DSn interfaces at bit rates from 1.5M to 11.1G. The integration of the Multirate Tester into the MP1590B creates a low-cost, space-saving, accurate test solution for carriers, and designers and manufacturers of devices, modules, and transmission equipment to ensure performance and Quality of Service (QoS).

Designed to meet the market need to measure various transmission technologies associated with next-generation networks (NGNs), the Multirate Tester adds multichannel measurement support for 11.1G (OTU1e/OTU2e) and 10.3G (10 GbE) interfaces to the existing interfaces supported by the MP1590B. The new module also allows a single MP1590B to measure the performance of 10G SDH/SONET/OTN transmission equipment, reducing capital equipment costs while improving measurement times and maintaining accuracy.

The new module provides other performance and efficiency advantages for users. Its built-in 10G optical interface eliminates the need for dedicated optical interfaces, reducing setup costs by 15% compared to conventional 10G configurations. Simultaneous multichannel measurement of all 10G bands can also be performed by the MP1590B, decreasing the time necessary to measure and confirm cross-channel correlation, as well as lowering test costs.

About the MP1590B The MP1590B Network Performance Tester can measure IP networks up to 10 GbE, as well as perform traditional functions, including testing of PDH, DSn, SDH/SONET, and OTN equipment and jitter. It can perform simultaneous applications, such as SDH/SONET, OTN, EoS, jitter, and Ethernet measurements, using combinations of plug-in units. Delivering an industry-best +/-20 mUIp-p accuracy in jitter measurement, the MP1590B is the test instrument to support the phase analysis method recommended in the ITU-T O.172. This option also includes measurement repeatability of +/-5 mUIp-p and guaranteed low intrinsic jitter of 50 mUIp-p. Furthermore, its Golden TX guarantees the jitter generation of the MP1590Bs transmitter, providing a known jitter value that can be used as a reference transmission for calibrating other jitter testers.

The MP1590B is equipped with Poisson error insertion and variable optical output power functions, for efficient evaluation of Forward Error Correction (FEC) used with OTN equipment. For SONET/SDH equipment, the MP1590B can perform Tandem Connection and Automatic Protection Switch (APS) tests. For DSn or PDH equipment, it can perform function tests using multiplexer/demultiplexer (MUX/DEMUX) measurement, error insertion, or alarm addition.