Millitech, a microwave brand of Smiths Interconnect, released new GaN power amplifiers with exceptional output power and power-added efficiency (PAE) at E-Band and W-Band.

Offering up to 2.5 W output power and up to 20% PAE, typical gain is from 15 to 40 dB. Single device models are available with nearly 1 W output, as well as 2-way and 4-way solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) with up to 2.5 W saturated output power. Higher power outputs are also available.

Additionally, each amplifier in the series comes standard with internal voltage regulation, bias-sequencing circuitry and reverse voltage protection.

These E-Band and W-Band GaN PAs can be used in applications ranging from E-Band radio, remote sensing and high power millimeter wave sources. They are high enough quality for test and measurement applications. The high output power in E-Band and W-Wand eliminates the need for comparatively large and expensive combiners and waveguide interconnects that would be required with lower power amplifiers.

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