Qorvo®, a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and aerospace/defense applications, announced that Qorvo's recently launched RFPA55X2 Wi-Fi power amplifier (PA) family is enabling many of today's leading home and business WLAN networking devices.

Qorvo's RFPA55X2 Wi-Fi PA family includes the RFPA5512RFPA5522, RFPA5532 and RFPA5542. The PA product suite offers high power and low power consumption in an innovative design that enables 802.11ac Wave2 features such as eight 80MHz streams, 160MHz streams and multi-user multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) technology supporting a variety of devices simultaneously. This allows wireless devices to connect across longer-range access points with ultra-increased data throughput in a high-density user environment under a variety of operating conditions.

Home and business networking device manufacturers turn to Qorvo's power amplifiers for superior performance and innovative designs that reduce manufacturing costs. Qorvo's RFPA5522, for example, provides superior power-added efficiency of 17% for 802.11ac and more than 20% for 802.11n, resulting in a PAE savings of 4-5% that significantly reduce thermal issues in MIMO applications. This reduces the need for thermal compensation devices such as fans and heatsinks, which in turn enables smaller form factors without a loss in performance.

Justin Doucette, director of product management, Linksys, said, "Qorvo's RFPA5522 highly efficient amplifiers deliver the high performance and power efficiency needed for our newest, dual-band 802.11ac consumer routers such as the WRT1900ACS dual-band Wi-Fi Router. We appreciate the RF expertise and outstanding support that Qorvo brings, allowing Linksys to focus on creating products that make the best home networking experience possible for our customers."

James Klein, president of Qorvo's Infrastructure and Defense Products group, said, "Qorvo is proud to work with Linksys, a leader in innovative networking solutions for home and business. The RFPA5522 5GHz PA is making next-generation features a reality while helping Linksys to offer the most robust routers that allow users to connect multiple wireless products seamlessly."

Today's consumers demand that home Wi-Fi networks deliver high data throughput to support a broad range of data-hungry, connected applications, like streaming media and gaming, with full coverage for the entire home. Qorvo's RF solutions enable industry-leading RF performance for high-speed 802.11ac wireless networks for the rapidly expanding number of connected devices in the home and enterprise.

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