Sivers IMA has released the new RS3410X/00 radar front-end, which operates at 9.5-9.975 GHz and is intended for use in safety and security applications. It has been developed to provide the best possible range and reliability in difficult weather conditions and end is available as a compact surface-mountable module for easy assembly. Pre-series production will be available for evaluation in Q1 of 2017.

“The 9 GHz band is available license-free in many EU countries under the Short Range Device recommendations and has been an under-utilized band so far. The RS3410 X/00 represents a new approach for Sivers IMA radar products – taking advantage of pre-defined design blocks to dramatically lower cost. By reaching a lower price point Sivers IMA will be able address new segments with potential for large volume demand” said Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers IMA.

The advent of smart homes, automated manufacturing and intelligent infrastructure has created a need for affordable, ubiquitous sensing. Other technologies, such as passive infrared or ultrasound have partially filled this need in the past, but new levels of resolution and flexibility are being demanded by the market. In response, the RS34010X/00 integrates a high performance digital synthesizer enabling use in Doppler or FMCW mode, permitting accurate presence, speed, and distance measurement.