Sunstone Circuits,® a leading printed circuit board (PCB) solutions provider for prototypes, medium volume and production quantities, announced the addition of RF/microwave materials (high speed/low loss) for 1 and 2 layer boards.
“With the rise in RF/microwave technologies in the electronics industry, and the need for PCBs and circuits to satisfy these designs, Sunstone Circuits is now providing what the design engineers need for these complicated projects,” said Sunstone’s director of operations, Nancy Viter. “We are excited to be continuously adding new materials and highly complex processing to our manufacturing facility.”
Now offering 1 and 2 layer PCBs built with many of the most popular low loss / high performance electronics materials offered in the industry, including:
  • ARLON®
  • Polyflon
  • Rogers 3000® series
  • Rogers 4000® series
  • Rogers RT/Duroid® (5000/6000 series)
  • Taconic ®
These materials are the industry standard, helping designers to achieve clean RF and Microwave signal circuits with the lowest loss coefficients available. Sunstone Circuits now stocks many of the popular configurations. With these low loss materials, along with tighter manufacturing tolerances for registration (down to +/- 0.001"), line width and spacing control (down to +/- 0.0005”), routed dimensional tolerances (down to +/- 0.002") and a variety of non-magnetic surface finishes (gold, plated tin lead, plated tin and bare copper), Sunstone has designers covered for RF and Microwave frequency PCB needs. In addition, Sunstone is able to provide laser routing services for designs with extremely critical dimensional profiles (+/-.001").
Sunstone RF customer, Doug Hagan, president of Krytar explains, “If we're off a fraction of a millimeter, that will impact functionality. Sunstone consistently manufactures high performance circuits that meet our rigorous standards."
PCB designers can send their files (Gerber, .dxf, or .dwg) directly to Sunstone, and the sales staff will prepare a customized quote for these designs ( or they can upload their files through the Custom Quote page, For designs requiring ITAR compliance, the secure file transfer portal on that Custom Quote page should be used. These boards are built with the same industry leading quality and support that designers have come to expect from Sunstone Circuits, made with pride in the USA. Many customers prefer to provide their own artwork or material, and Sunstone is equipped to handle that as well.
For more information about Sunstone's innovative PCB solutions, or to learn more about our custom quote or online quote and ordering process, please visit