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Microwave Circuits, a division of AMTI
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High Q Ceramic-loaded Tunable RF Cavity Filters

Ceramic-loaded resonators are used in the realization of small size, high performance, RF and microwave filters that require extended stop band characteristics. The higher insertion loss usually found from using a loaded resonator can be overcome by ca...
A ceramic-loaded resonator is a transmission line with one end shorted and the other “open” end connected to a capacitor to ground, as shown in Figure 1 . This shortens the length of the line needed to resonate at a particular frequency. The ceramic-loading capacitor overcomes the drawbacks of...Read more

Diplexer D8809601

Our model D8809601 Combline Diplexer covers the Cellular/Data/ISM/Paging frequencies with a RX Passband of 880 to 915 MHz and a TX Passband of 925 to 960 MHz.
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