Airbus Defence and Space has successfully completed the final integration and testing of the Express AMU1 satellite for the Russian Satellite Communications Co. (RSCC). The satellite left the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Toulouse, France, and is now in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, in preparation for its launch on a Proton vehicle at the end of this year.

Express AMU1 is a state-of-the-art high-capacity telecommunications satellite with up to 70 transponders. The satellite will increase the in-orbit capacity operated by RSCC, providing coverage for broadcast services in the European part of the Russian Federation in Ku and Ka Bands.

The multibeam Ka-Band antennas feature a highly innovative feed array antenna technology developed by Airbus Defence and Space. The satellite will also ensure service continuity and growth for broadcast markets developed by Eutelsat in sub-Saharan Africa as EUTELSAT 36C.

Based on the highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, Express AMU1 has a launch mass of 5,900 kg and a spacecraft power in excess of 15 kW. Its design lifetime is 15 years in orbit. It is the 70th satellite of the highly successful Eurostar series, the third to leave Airbus Defence and Space since October, and it will be the fifth scheduled for launch this year.