STMicroelectronics and Israel-based Autotalks, a V2X-chipset market pioneer and leader in the first wave of V2X deployments, are preparing to release their second-generation V2X chipset and will begin design-ins with leading vendors of smart-driving systems in 2016.

V2X technology connects vehicles to other vehicles (V2V) and infrastructure (V2I) within wireless range for safety and mobility applications, such as sharing advanced warnings of unseen hazards or coordinating with traffic signals to minimize queuing. Leading auto brands are currently working with technology partners to finalize V2X systems to be built into new vehicles starting from 2017. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced in May 2015 a series of steps to speed development of life-saving technologies, accelerating the schedule of the mandate to install V2V on all new vehicles.

ST and Autotalks began co-developing their advanced chipset for V2X in 2014, combining resources to deliver a superior-performing solution within a short timeframe. The joint project targets a flexible solution capable of integrating with a wide range of customer system architectures for V2X system cost optimization.

Using advanced cryptographic engines, the chipset introduces uncompromised verification capacity for 100 percent of all messages sent over the air, assuring the processing of all required safety messages, while minimizing security risks from unauthorized access. The ST/Autotalks solution is agile and upgradable to support even more complex security schemes as these emerge in the future.

The new chipset achieves low power consumption, high temperature range, high integration and efficiency, and is designed to meet the rigorous requirements for safety-critical systems and autonomous vehicles.

Autotalks' technology has already been selected by multiple customers who completed their software development on the existing mature, production-ready first-generation system. The software environment’s forward compatibility ensures full leverage and a smooth transition to second-generation systems.

Autotalks’ leading V2X technology and vast system expertise, combined with ST’s high-end Teseo multi-constellation GNSS technology, brings a superior V2X solution offering. The complementing competencies of both companies are clearly a key strength of the collaboration.

“V2X is a key to Smart-Driving and is about to transform road users’ expectations in terms of safety, congestion, and environmental impact,” said Nir Sasson, CEO, Autotalks. “Working with ST, we are already preparing for the next generation of V2X chips to support even greater security, performance, functionality and affordability.”

“We are on schedule to complete this Smart-Driving project within our published 2017 timeframe, realizing best-in-class performance and feature integration that will ultimately lead to safe and eco-friendly driving experience,” said Antonio Radaelli, Infotainment BU Director, Micro & Infotainment Division, Automotive Product Group, STMicroelectronics. “Our design philosophy also looks forward to forthcoming intelligent transport concepts such as autonomous vehicles, creating a springboard for our customers to lead the drive towards smarter, safer, sustainable mobility.”