Terma has established a new unit called Market Development Denmark, which will headed by vice president Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen. Denmark is Terma’s traditional home market where the company has expanded into the global defense, security, aerospace and space markets.

With his eight years background within the company’s international business development and sales organization, Kristoffer has great experience with the way Terma utilizes the position as a Danish company and the interaction with the international locations.

“With our global expansion into the U.S., Asia Pacific and the Middle East, we are aware not to miss that we are ultimately a Danish company with close relations to the Danish government and administration and that our long heritage with the Danish Armed Forces and the Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) in particular is fundamental to our success,” said Jørn Henrik Rasmussen, senior vice president, Market Development.

The Market Development Denmark department is responsible for coordinating Danish customer relationships and both offset opportunities and obligations. The team will also handle interaction with relevant government authorities including the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs and the Danish Business Authority.

“I really look forward to front this task having worked on our efforts to set up in India and Singapore and lately our expansion into the Middle East. Denmark is very important for the company, and I am happy to get this opportunity to return my focus to Denmark,” Kristoffer Groth Jakobsen added.