The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) announced the formation of the new GSA Fixed Wireless Access Working Group to coordinate industry initiatives to deliver fixed wireless broadband services based on LTE and 5G access networks. The founding members of the FWA Working Group are Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE. Membership to GSA Working Groups is open to all GSA Executive and Ordinary Members. 
To support the activities of the new Working Group, GSA has undertaken a study to determine the extent and nature of fixed wireless access broadband service availability based on LTE or 5G around the world. GSA analysed 927 companies including all known existing LTE operators, plus companies that are known to be investing in or have previously announced plans to invest in LTE networks (including trials, companies with licences and those planning or involved in deployments), in 232 countries and territories. The full data set collected is available to GSA Members through its first Fixed Wireless Access Member Report; a summary Fixed Wireless Access Global Status Update report is available to all stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem. 
Fixed wireless access broadband based on LTE is available worldwide, although is much more prevalent in some regions than others. GSA identified 395 operators in 164 countries selling FWA services based on LTE. In addition, of the 73 operators that have announced 5G launches worldwide, GSA counted 37 operators that have announced the launch of either home or business 5G broadband using routers. Of these 37, GSA identified 30 operators selling 5G-based FWA services.  

“As technology has improved, operators have been turning to mobile networks to deliver home and office broadband services, in some cases offering mobile-based services as an alternative to fixed-line broadband technologies,” said Joe Barrett, president of GSA. “The home/office broadband services on offer are no longer limited to mobile data subscriptions associated with mobile phones, dongles, or even MiFi devices. They now include use of mobile technology to provide the main broadband connection for a home or business in the form of a fixed wireless access services. In a relatively short space of time, fixed wireless broadband access has become a mainstream service offer and the formation of this new GSA Working Group is testament to the acceleration in industry activity in Fixed Wireless Access.” 
In addition to the new Fixed Wireless Access Working Group, the GSA Spectrum Group is also the largest single spectrum advocacy team in the mobile industry representing the vendor ecosystem in 4G and 5G spectrum discussions with governments, regulators and other policy makers. 
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