Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) will showcase its new, high-performance Cobalt vector network analyzer (VNA) series during European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Paris, taking place September 6-11. In stand 268 at Palais Des Congrès, the company will also demonstrate affordable, lab-grade instruments from each of its product lines. And, as part of the show’s technical program, the company will share highly useful VNA-based information with attendees inside the MicroApps Auditorium.  

In showcasing its latest Cobalt VNA series, Copper Mountain Technologies will discuss the new, innovative manufacturing and test approaches that allow these high-performance, yet affordable analyzers to deliver faster measurement speeds while maintaining a wide dynamic range. The Cobalt series, which currently consists of models C1220 and C1209, offers a unique combination of compact design and extremely fast measurement speed that makes them optimal for engineers looking for fast production and BTS filter tuning applications where space is at a premium. 

Throughout the show, the company will also demonstrate antenna testing with its vector reflectometers. Attendees will see how these products, which cover a frequency range from 85 MHz to 14 GHz, perform lab-quality measurements of S11 parameters in various presentation formats. They will also learn how the portable, PC-driven reflectometers operate in any environment without the need for a test cable, ultimately resulting in highly dependable performance and calibration stability. Vector reflectometers, like all CMT VNAs, are fully programmable using an extensive SCPI-like command set.

From its compact VNA line, Copper Mountain Technologies will provide live demonstrations of its two-port, two-path S5048 instrument testing a filter. The PC-driven, highly portable S5048 offers a 123 dB dynamic range (typical, 10 Hz IF bandwidth) from 20 kHz to 4.8 GHz. 

Last but not least, the company will demonstrate its highly portable Planar 814/1 VNA that provides a 145 dB dynamic range (typical, 1 Hz IF bandwidth). The PC-driven, two-port VNA measures S11, S21, S12 and S22 parameters in a variety of applications from 100 kHz to 8 GHz. It is also ATE compatible, rack mountable and easy to program.

In addition to its product demonstrations, Copper Mountain Technologies will present three Microwave Application Seminars (MicroApps) on the exhibition floor inside the MicroApps Auditorium. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear the company discuss “Ways to 

Simplify Dielectric Materials Measurement with the 14 GHz R140 Analyzer,” “Using Vector Network Analysis to Gauge Spacecraft Fuel Levels,” and “Special Considerations When Using VNAs in High-speed Semiconductor Characterization Applications.”

Every VNA in the Copper Mountain Technologies portfolio is PC-driven, meaning the company separates the measurement module from the processing module so that its software can offload processing of the measurement results to an external PC. This allows for improved processing power, better display capabilities and more reliable performance. Copper Mountain Technologies also offers customers a wide range of standard features that include time-domain with gating, fixture simulation (embedding and de-embedding) and frequency offset mode.

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