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Anritsu introduces ShockLine VNA solutions to lower test costs

Anritsu Co. introduces an E-band option for its ShockLine™ MS46500B series of 2- and 4-port performance Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) that addresses the market need to lower cost-of-test for E-band components. With the option installed, the MS46500B series can reduce production costs and more efficiently verify the performance of high-frequency passive components, such as antennas, filters, and duplexers during manufacturing.

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Keysight Technologies introduces low-frequency ENA Series VNA options

Keysight Technologies Inc. announced five new frequency options for its E5063A ENA series network analyzerand set the E5063A’s new starting price at $10,000. With these new options and price, the E5063A now offers the best balance between price and performance. This allows passive component manufacturers to satisfy business and technical requirements.

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Anritsu offers VVM with full A/B and B/A ratio capability for Microwave Site Master

Anritsu Co. introduces a Vector Voltmeter Mode (VVM) for its Microwave Site Master™ S820E - the world's only handheld cable and antenna analyzer offering coverage up to 40 GHz – that allows the S820E to be used as a drop-in replacement for legacy Vector Voltmeter instruments. With the ability to provide full A/B and B/A ratio capability without additional and expensive VNA options, the S820E with the VVM provides field engineers and technicians with a compact, durable, cost-efficient single-instrument solution to make key field measurements to ensure the proper deployment, installation, and maintenance of wireless networks.

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