Micro-Coax announces the expansion of its RF test capabilities to 110 GHz. The company has taken delivery of the new equipment and is currently training their technical staff to fully leverage the capability.

Micro-Coax already produces coaxial cables designed to operate at 110 GHz, some as high as 400 GHz. The expansion of the new test capability allows Micro-Coax to verify the products performance and support the certification requirements of their customer base.  

“We have been working on our 110 GHz cable and connector designs for several years now,” said Dan Birch, technical director at Micro-Coax. “Our EM simulation tools are powerful, but there is no substitute for the test equipment to verify and optimize the product designs.”

Micro-Coax has supplied high reliability products for military, space-grade, telecommunications and test & measurement applications for more than five decades and has an extensive track record in providing microwave transmission line products for the most demanding technical challenges. Micro-Coax products are proven highly reliable, as extensive acceptance testing exceeds industry standards from the connector and cable component level through to the final delivered product.

For more information, visit http://www.micro-coax.com.