HSM12001BThe Holzworth HSM Series RF Synthesizer Module is a stand alone, CW source. This high frequency source is designed for ease of system integration where LO performance is critical. With >200 kHr MTBF, Holzworth synthesizers provide the best in industry stability. When integrated as multiple units, the result is true phase coherency with industry leading channel-to-channel stability. Compare the HSM Series to competitive designs and discover the most compact form factor available in its overall performance class.

The core architecture of the HSM Series modules is derived from Holzworth’s proprietary NON – PLL design to provide the ultimate in phase / frequency stability. This direct - digital/direct - analog hybrid design was originally developed as a key building block for our phase noise analysis products. The hybrid architecture provides frequency agility & resolution, phase continuous switching and predictable performance without compromising on spurious or phase noise performance.

The versatile HSM Series Synthesizer Module can be controlled directly via the SPI bus, the Holzworth GUI, a preloaded lookup table, LabVIEW TM, MATLAB TM, C++, C#, etc. Some systems integrators have preferred the supported Linux platform over a Windows based PC.

The attractive performance- to-price ratios available with the Holzworth HSM Series offers optimal solutions for electronics design, manufacturing test applications, as well as OEM systems integration.

Finally, with MTBFs greater than 200,000 hours, the HSM Series synthesizer module has been designed to exceed the most stringent reliability requirements.