HSM18001B_ortho_300dpiHolzworth Instrumentation released a higher output power revision of the popular HSM series 12.5 and 20 GHz RF synthesizer modules. The phase coherent HSM12001B (10 MHz to 12.5 GHz) and the HSM18001B (10 MHz to 20 GHz) are broadband CW sources which are ideal for use as radar system LOs, system clocks, integrated OEM modules, ATE and embedded systems, as well as benchtop applications.

With excellent phase noise performance ( -134 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset) and an accurately calibrated output covering -20 to +20 dBm, these fast switching signal sources offer unparalleled performance-to-price ratios.

“We saw an immediate, positive industry response in late 2013 with the initial release of the model HSM18001A (20 GHz), said Joe Koebel, Holzworth's VP of sales and marketing. "Customer interest was equally matched with our June 2014 release of the HSM12001A (12.5 GHz) that covered VHF through X-Band at an even lower price point. The revision A units were limited to about +10 dBm (maximum POUT) and we found that many applications, especially when driving mixers, could benefit from higher output power capability, hence the rev B”. 

The first HSM series RF synthesizer (HSM6001A: 250kHz to 6GHz) was released in 2009. The HSM series has since expanded to offer a range of tunable bandwidth options to best match an application at the most optimal price point. These highly reliable RF Synthesizer Modules have field proven MTBFs of greater than 240,000 hours. Coupling high reliability with exceptional spectral purity and fast switching makes for a very unique, small form factor signal generator. These phase coherent signal sources are also available as customer defined COTS products via the HS9000 series multi-channel RF synthesizers with up to 8 independently tunable channels integrated within a 1U high, 19" rack mountable chassis.

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