Roman banquets are part of the city’s history and good food and drink played their part in the success of the Keysight Technologies sponsored EuMW Welcome Reception, which has become established as a convivial way of bringing together delegates to the week’s three conferences and the exhibitors from the European Microwave Exhibition, giving them the rare opportunity to meet, interact and network.

The reception began with three speeches from: the 2014 EuMW Conference Chairman, Roberto Sorrentino, his successor for Paris in 2015, Herve Aubert and Keysight Technologies’ EMEA Marketing Manager, Jim Armentrout.

Sorrentino began by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their attendance and shared his hopes for a successful evening. In his address Aubert invited all those present to reconvene for the 6th to the 11th of September 2015 in the Palais de Congres in Paris – a venue in the heart of the French Capital, situated between the Champs Elysees and La Defence and in easy reach of the city’s famous sights and landmarks.

Armentrout began saying, “I want to welcome you on behalf of Keysight Technologies. This is our 11th year as the Platinum sponsor of this event. A year ago in Nuremberg I was talking to you about Agilent Technologies but we actually go back to 1939 – about 75 years of test and measurement starting with Hewlett-Packard, emerging through Agilent Technologies, and now we are very proud and very excited to be a pure play measurement company called Keysight Technologies.”

He recounted the legendary network analyzers from HP, namely the 8510, 8753 and 8720 before introducing the latest in the long line of innovative products, which was unveiled earlier in the day – a new series of one-slot, two port PXI vector network analyzers that covers 300 KHz up to 26.5 GHz.

Armentrout finished by saying, “We are very excited about our products, we are very excited about this event and wish you a very good evening.”

As well as the food, those with a taste for history were well served and entertained by an energetic demonstration by the Gladiatorial School of Rome whose members re-enacted gladiator bouts from ancient Rome.

Their bouts were interspersed with the Keysight Technologies’ prize draw, which offered a range of the company’s products. The winners reflected the geographical diversity of the attendees, with the winners coming from Chile, Japan, Serbia and Italy.