NI (formerly AWR Corporation) has released V11.01 of the NI AWR Design Environment™ with enhancements to Analyst™ 3D finite element method (FEM) EM simulation engine that cuts simulation times by as much as 70 percent over previous versions. The updates in V11.01, which are specific to Analyst, include algorithm reformulations/enhancements to both automatic mesh refinement (AMR) and fast frequency sweeps. For high-port-count designs (10+ ports), the speed improvements seen with Analyst are the most pronounced. 

In addition to Analyst enhancements, V11.01 offers numerous other enhancements:

  • Data set enhancements
  • Layout and user interface improvements
  • Additional geometry simplification rules
  • Expanded measurements for circuit and system-level designs
  • Simulation technology improvements:

              o   Visual System Simulator™ (VSS)

              o   APLAC harmonic balance

              o   AXIEM 3D planar EM

Full details of the changes and additions within this V11.01 release are within the NI AWR Design Environment online documentation ‘What’s New’ guide. 


Active customers and current evaluators can now obtain the V11.01 release of the NI AWR Design Environment™ by visiting to get started. Local AWR sales representatives can provide more information, pricing and licensing options.