San-tron, Inc., a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, reviewed several new innovative connectors and assemblies at the International Microwave Symposium in Tampa, Fla., June 3-6, 2014. Chief among are two small but robust connectors. First is their new pSeries pressurized connectors which provide low-loss, high-stability performance through 30 GHz at +/-65 psi. These pressurized connectors, which meet the IP68 standard, feature a simplified, three-piece design – body, center contact, and an innovative dielectric – which eliminates troublesome internal O-rings, gaskets, and silicone greases.

These RF-enhanced connectors have been specified on a number of programs, including 20 GHz ground-based satellite links, agricultural GPS systems, and space-borne systems. San-tron pSeries pressurized connectors are available in a variety of different connector types, including 2.92 and 3.5 mm, SMA, TNC, Type N, and mini-DIN (4.1/9.5).

San-tron has also added a new style as another option to be used within their growing SRX low PIM cable assembly line. The high performance mini-DIN (4.1/9.5) connectors and adapters feature RF performance through 16 GHz and yield low PIM of -160 dBc with VSWR < 1.10:1 up to 7 GHz. Suited for wireless and communication applications, they meet the most critical requirements when it comes to attenuation and VSWR, and can stand up to extreme environments due to their robust brass bodies and Albaloy plating. The mini-DINs are available as within-series adapters (mini-DIN to mini-DIN) as well as between-series adapters with Type N, SMA and 7/16 DIN connectors.