pSeries Pressurized Connectors

Santron_PR_300ppi_Pressurized-IMSSan-tron Inc. has announced the release of their pSeries pressurized connectors, which provide low-loss, high-stability performance through 30 GHz at +/-65 psi. These pressurized connectors, which meet the IP68 standard, feature a simplified, three-piece design – body, center contact, and an innovative dielectric – which eliminates troublesome internal O-rings, gaskets, and silicone greases.

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RF Coaxial Connectors: 7/16 DIN Series

7-16 DIN SeriesSan-tron produces rugged 7/16 DIN RF and microwave coaxial connectors (aka the 7-16 DIN connector) for applications requiring high-power transmission and extremely low intermodulation distortion (IMD), such as wired and wireless communications. Available as a weather-sealed coaxial cable connector, bulkhead-mount, or panel-mount receptacle, these durable 7/16 coaxial connectors incorporate a reliable, screw-type coupling mechanism.

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Extreme conditions handled by new coaxial assemblies on display at EuMW

San-tron Inc., a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, will be reviewing several new innovative connectors and assemblies at the European Microwave Week in Paris, France, September 6–11. With a growing line of advanced, outdoor, low-PIM cable assemblies and new innovative pressurized solutions several environmental challenges related to coax can be overcome.

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SRX™ Family of Low-PIM Solutions

Santron_PR_EuMW-2015San-tron’s SRX™ family of low-PIM solutions includes high-performance adapters, connectors (including new 4.1/9.5 mini-DINs) and cable assemblies. They feature intermodulation performance as low as -168 dBc with an eSeries 7/16 connector terminated on flexible -141 cable. Typical performance across the lineup of assemblies terminated with SMA style andType N style connectors is -158 dBc.

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High-Performance Coaxial Connectors: S292 Series

S292 SeriesSan-tron's S292 series is a new, exclusive offering for RF/microwave, military and aerospace engineers designing in the 40 GHz or K-band range. These high-performance coaxial connectors are designed to the 2.92 mm standard and offer a compatible mating style to Anritsu K Connectors, APC 3.5, SMA, WSMA, and 3.50 mm connectors.

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